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Well hello there!
Welcome to Pacific Peaks Fitness

We are an outdoor AND indoor workout program offering strength, cardio, core & mobility classes with many different formats, equipment & all the ways to have fun. Here, we get to move our bodies together with special attention to form, technique and having a good time. Classes are offered several times each week at the Lacamas Lake Lodge and at Livewell in Camas, Washington.


We also get opportunities to train our bodies outdoors at different trails around Camas, with young adults with developmental disabilities and all while working on and maintaining a variety of fitness levels. Join me for a couple classes and see if we are a good fit!


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About me, the founder & trainer,



While exercise and fitness may be the backdrop for Pacific Peaks Fitness, I want us to remember how valuable climbing to the top of our other peaks in life can be for our minds and our bodies. I want to encourage connections, having fun, learning new skills, getting good sleep and moving outdoors... all the things that at times can feel like mountains. I want us to keep in mind the big picture of growing together, having empathy and inclusion for those around us and being grateful we get to climb these mountains. 


How long have I been working in Camas?

I have been working in Camas for the past four years and love it! I recently moved from Portland to Vancouver so I could be closer to my work and the nature we get to workout in!


Why did I decide to get into this line of work?

As a college soccer player and sometimes prone to injuries, I began focusing on how to be a stronger and healthier athlete. In doing so, it was amazing to see how much focusing on taking care of my body helped not only my performance, but my mentality as well. After jumping into the Kinesiology major and working at the Student Recreation Center at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, I found out how important movement, exercise, sleep, nutrition & getting outdoors, especially in a group setting, really are for us. Through opening other studios and getting the opportunity to play a role in the health journey of those around me, I quickly realized that the reward of helping others, building their confidence up and seeing results was a passion of mine. 


How do I approach coaching and training? 

It is really important to me to meet my clients where they are at while helping them to realize their potential. People are motivated by trust and fun, but it’s common that people don’t inherently trust their ability or feel exercise is fun. Connecting with my clients and understanding their motivation and finding ways to keep them engaged, rewarded and connected is so important to me. I design my classes and my training to be approachable and challenging, so you can be a novice or a pro and walk away feeling better than when you walked in. 


What other passions do I have besides teaching?

I love to stay active, despite the rain. Living where we do, mountain biking, surfing and being outside helps me relax, get focused and even inspired. I also spent some time volunteering at the Pixie Project- an organization that helps foster and care for animals as well as working for Soccer Shots. My two cats Harlow & Henry keep me very happy, and a bloody mary with a chaser ;) on the weekends is a nice way to kick back. 




Special Guest on the

Pretty Over Perfect Podcast!

You guys, I was so honored (and nervous) to be a guest on the amazing podcast "Pretty Over Perfect" with Michelle and Jessica.

You can hear more about my approach with movement over the years, different ways to look at our current exercise culture as well as a more mindful way to take care of your body & mind!

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